Better Building

Embrace the advantages of lower operating costs, enhanced personal comfort, and optimized health as you enjoy a greener and more sustainable life. Discover the transformative power of eco-friendly construction and lifestyle practices that can elevate your living experience while minimizing environmental impact.

Building Green

There is much we can do to lessen the negative effects that standard construction methods and lifestyle patterns have on our environment. The BENEFIT to you as owners and occupants of these better homes will be lower operating costs and improved personal comfort and health. In determining the energy efficiency of a building, a “one-size-fits-all” approach is unsuitable. Different occupants, sites and budgets demand different solutions.
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The Different "Levels"

In our eyes, there are really three different “levels” of sustainable building

"Pretty Good House"

Discover the innovative approach by Pheasant Hill Homes: the "Pretty Good House" concept! This budget-friendly alternative to the Passive House standard ensures top-notch energy efficiency using clear-cut construction techniques. Experience enhanced comfort and reduced utility expenses—all within your budget—thanks to their emphasis on insulation, superior glazing, and air-tightness.
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Passive House

A Passive House must meet three requirements: maximum heating energy per square metre per year (85-90% less than in code-built homes), stringent air-tightness tested by an external analyst, and maximum total energy consumption per square metre of floor space per year that includes all energy usage including heating/cooling, hot water supply, ventilation equipment, lighting, appliances and electrical loads.
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Net Zero House

Discover the marvels of Net Zero Homes, futuristic abodes that generate their energy through state-of-the-art on-site equipment like solar panels and wind turbines. Embracing a zero carbon footprint lifestyle, these eco-friendly sanctuaries cater to all power needs, including heating, cooling, and appliances. Enhancing their green prowess, sustainable practices like greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting render their environmental impact astonishingly negligible.
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