Colour Can Invigorate a Building

May 24, 2023

Recently I had the privilege of coming along side a special community group, “The Cedar Community Hall”, to help walk through the process to change the image of this iconic building.  The request was …

…that the hall have a distinct image so that when people are referring to the building it is not confused with other halls in the area.


Before the transformation, the hall had a neutral body colour with a fun, bright accent colour that made the doors “pop” in the shadows.  In considering colour schemes for a building that has serviced such a vibrant farming community, I put together 3 options.  From the presentation to the Cedar Community Hall board members the “Red” colour scheme was selected and painting began immediately.  Below is a picture of Bruce, an extraordinary volunteer, who single handedly painted the hall, renting a “cherry-picker” to reach the higher parts.

Here’s an excerpt from one board member’s email to me: “Lots of great feedback while out front of the hall yesterday;  people honking, bikers calling out and a wedding party stopped to get their pictures taken out front!  Quite the great reactions!  Still lots of white trim to be done but looks terrific even at this stage.” Everyone is pleased.

Here is a lovely note from Kate from the Cedar Community Hall group:

“Thank you so much for your encouragement and advice!  We’ve had such a big response to the paint colour—it truly has been transformative.  Colour can truly change the image and energy of a building.”  Kate tells a story of how often she hears feedback from random places regarding the transformation of the hall: “We met a former student who said how much she just loved the new red colour of the hall.  Then at the paint store, the clerk told us of someone else had come in recently asking for the red colour that was used on Cedar Hall.  Isn’t that great?  Maybe Sherwin Williams should rename “Bolero”  Cedar Hall Red.  Who knew painting the hall would evoke such a positive response?  Maybe you did, but, for the hall volunteers and our community, it has been a surprise and a joy.”

Everyone loves a good before & after comparison, and all it took was some design guidance, elbow grease, and some new paint!

This new dressing to this hall spurred on new pavement for the parking lot largely in thanks to some funds from the oil & tax gas through the BC Community Works Fund.  New life has been breathed into this building and is providing a new facade for community events such as local plays, community meetings, fundraising dinners, swap meets and so much more!  Go Cedar Go!  It’s all about community.  #GoCommunity

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