Dense Pack Cellulose Insulation

May 24, 2023

Burke Stoller, Site Manager
Pheasant Hill Homes Ltd.

Topic:  Dense Pack Cellulose Insulation

Description:  Burke is out at a Passive House build in Qualicum Beach explaining all about Dense Pack Cellulose Insulation for us.

  • Why use Cellulose Insulation
  • Why it’s considered environmentally friendly insulation
  • What is Cellulose Insulation made up of?
  • How is Cellulose Insulation to work with?
  • Insulation Requirements
  • How it deters rodents, insects, pests, fire
  • Cellulose Insulation in our West Coast environment
  • Installing Cellulose Insulation

Interesting Facts about Cellulose Insulation:

  • Contents =  Recycled paper, corn starch binder, Magnesium Sulphate (used to stop forest fires), Boric Acid
  • Characteristics = Fluffy, non-itchy, soft, looks like dryer lint
  • Helps control mould, fungal and bacterial growth
  • Provides flame retardancy and promotes char formation
  • Moisture Management:  Absorbant!  If water gets in the walls the cellulose will absorb it and spread the moisture out and eventually dry
  • Sound Suppression:  It is densely packed in the walls and fills every small space by being blown in, which enables it to be a great sound barrier

If you have any questions about Dense Pack Cellulose Insulation or Passive House building standards, or are interested in having Pheasant Hill Homes be involved in a building project involving these standards please contact us.

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