Hillside House- Custom Design and Build

May 24, 2023

Every so often, a project comes along that completely defines what one’s company is capable of achieving.  In this case, a wonderful client entrusted us to build her a contemporary, sleek home with crisp details and an unimpeded connection to the stunning ocean view from the lot.  The intimate size of Pheasant Hill Homes allowed us to provide unique construction details specifically suited to the home’s design, and to custom match every facet to be in sync with the overarching design of what came to be called ‘The Hillside Home’.


Our client approached us with the intent of purchasing a view lot and having a modern, contemporary home built on it.  She recognized that involving a builder early on could help her to choose the right lot, and to keep the overall project on-budget.  We didn’t look long before it became obvious that we had the right lot at a reasonable price.  The setting was private, nicely treed, and with the right home design would provide amazing, panoramic views of Georgia Strait and the coastal mountains beyond.  We involved Jeff Olson, of Olson Homes and Cabins, as the designer  and a structural engineer (https://www.heroldengineering.com) in order to craft the aesthetic the owner was after, and to meet necessary seismic and wind-load requirements.  The process was amiable and satisfying; our homeowner had a clear picture of what she wanted created, and we just had to make it real for her – first on paper, and then on the lot.  By managing the process from start to finish, we were able to save our client considerable time and expense, and the results were consistent with her initial expectations.  She also had the pleasure of knowing that this home was uniquely hers, and would fit her lifestyle perfectly.


The home has ingenuity, style, and good sense. Window glass that transitions seamlessly to the exposed concrete floors permitting a free-flowing view to the ocean. Precise cedar detailing in the horizontal banding and balcony decking to lend a natural complement to the sophisticated metal siding.  Exceptional air-tightness, high levels of insulation and and efficient SIP roof to provide a home with high levels of comfort, and low costs of operation.  The most important detail of all, however, was the way in which Pheasant Hill Homes project managers and workers alike scrutinized each component of the build to ensure that the end result was a success in the eye of the client.


In her own words, the client communicated to us that this was achieved:
” I’m especially pleased with the whole “look and feel” of the house. Ken, Jason, and the team listened to me and captured perfectly the design and aesthetic that I wanted. It isn’t a “cookie-cutter” house, and it seems to me that they went out of their way to find the materials and design touches that make it unique. I am absolutely thrilled with my house. Its beauty is a testament to the skill, creativity, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail of Ken and Jason and their crew. Based on my very positive experience with the firm during the building process, I have no hesitation in recommending Pheasant Hill Homes for your project.”

To stand against the unsurpassed views offered from the Georgia Strait, the Hillside House needed an exacting quality of craftsmanship to stand proudly in it’s surroundings.  We believe our results speak for themselves.  Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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