New Developments with Passive House Building

May 24, 2023

Pheasant Hill Homes Ltd. has been a Passive House builder since before the general public in Canada knew what Passive House building was.  Co-owner Ken Connolly is Trained in Passive House Design building through CanPHI (Canadian Passive House Institute) and continues to keep up on the latest developoment and training in CanPHI’s training courses in Victoria this Spring.  Project and Site Manager Burke is trained in Passive House Building along with Ryan, (Site Manager) who is a journeymen carpenter who has been certified as a Passive House “tradesman”.  For a great description and video of what Passive House standards is all about, check out our Passive House info page.

Passive House Building means constructing a home which practically heats and cools itself, and in turn, significantly reduces energy costs along with creating a comfortable and healthy environment to live in. Business in Vancouver’s Green Space magazine – author Susan M. Boyce, has written an article on the heart beat of Passive House Building in Vancouver.  Bylaws in Vancouver are changing towards Passive House Building standards and hints at the cost coming down for building to a Passive House standard as more builders are becoming Passive House certified.  Pheasant Hill Homes is proud to be a Passive House Builder on Vancouver Island and surrounding Gulf Islands.  See some of their Passive House builds HERE.

BC Housing has declared that any new building that they are a part of must be Passive House certified, which is a clear sign of the effectiveness and longevity Passive House building has.

Here’s an interesting read on Passive House’s momentum in Business in Vancouver’s article titled:

Passives Agressive PathCheap heating costs – and a new Vancouver building bylaw – could open doors to wider public acceptance of ultra-energy-saving Passive Houses.

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