The Best Home Designs Include YOU!

August 1, 2023

Looking to build a new home or extensively renovate your current one, but don’t know where to start? There is a lot to figure out, and you want to get it right! Not only is this likely the biggest investment of your life, but it is also one of the most complicated ones. Design conflicts, potential risks, and challenges during construction are just some of the things you could encounter during your build or renovation.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

Integrated Design Process to the rescue!

That’s right, Integrated Design Process, or IDP for short, is the teamwork that will make your dream home work! Experience has proven repeatedly that the best results in home design and function are achieved by a committed team that includes the homeowners themselves.  Quality design produces high levels of homeowner satisfaction.  And it just plain feels good to look around your home year after year and be confident you made the right decisions back in the planning stage!

Every team needs a leader

The IDP team is no exception. Your home deserves a leader experienced in project management: either a seasoned contractor or an architect.  Both of these professionals not only have far more construction experience than most homeowners, but they also have industry contacts who are potential team members. Your team leader will be able to coordinate a working group to ensure that the process remains efficient, comprehensive, and, most importantly, on track!

But what about the team?

Good question! The team leader’s first task is to evaluate the project and determine just what kind of expertise is required.  Roles that may need to be filled (depending on the project) include: designers, engineers, an experienced builder, trade professionals, an energy auditor, and an estimator.

The IDP leader will assemble a team who work well together, particularly in listening to you.  Ultimately it is the homeowner who lives with the decisions that are made. The team keeps this well in mind!  This may play out by the team working hard to include a specific feature you want in your home or, conversely, showing why that idea will not serve you well in the long run and finding alternatives. A solid group of professionals who strive to make sure your home dreams continue to come true long after the construction dust settles is what IDP is all about!

Okay! I’m in. How do we start?

Meetings! Meetings! Meetings!  We want to get your home right for you!

This is why the process involves a number of meetings prior to applying for a building permit.  Based on the preliminary plans, the team leader will start by assessing your needs and goals, and then will assemble the team after the initial meetings with you. Most subsequent meetings also include the homeowners! It is your home after all! And the team is always keen to understand your perspective on your new (or improved) home and what your highest priorities are.

This is where the magic of IDP occurs!

Dynamic conversations often emerge as team members engage with one another to achieve the best balance of features and home performance within the project budget.  During this process you will naturally become more educated about how your new home will work and the thought and planning that goes into making it perform well!  We find that homeowners often bring fresh ideas to the table! It is this creative process that makes everyone who participates better at what they do.

How big is the team?

The IDP team does not necessarily need to be large to be effective.  Projects vary in terms of what kind of expertise is needed to produce results you will love for years to come!

A sharp team will:

  • foresee design conflicts and potential risks
  • work to mitigate risks and conflicts before they become difficult or costly to resolve
  • streamline the entire building or renovation process
  • find ways to make a build or renovation more sustainable and healthy

Without an effective team it is easy for homeowners to encounter challenges during construction that will force them to make changes to the project mid-stream.  As you can appreciate, changes like this often introduce delays to the project, and can sometimes lead to unwanted budget increases.

The Integrated Design Process is satisfying for all

The outcomes from this kind of thoughtful approach to building are far superior to standard “spec-built houses”.  Through collective knowledge, experience, and imagination, we build houses that are more than houses, they are homes. Homes that are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, durable, healthy, and sustainable for our planet. We are pleased to say that we consistently hear how exceedingly satisfied our clients continue to be with their homes!

If the Integrated Design Process sounds right for you, contact us today!

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