Updating Heritage Homes

May 24, 2023

Heritage home renovations are full of dramatic effect.  You never know what you will find behind the walls, and you are always amazed by how stunning the transformation of heritage homes can be – both inside and out.  Here are three heritage home transformations that we have done in our 20 years of business that we just love to oogle and drive by whenever possible.

Art Moderne Home Renovation

Here is an example of a heritage home with fantastic original design qualities of the German Bauhaus movement of the 1930’s.  This heritage home, which is now Raymond de Beeld Architect Inc., displays many of the sleek, sophisticated signatures recognized as “modern architecture” that are still current today such as the flat roof, the simple massing, and the wrap-around windows.

Heritage Enlightened

This century old heritage home underwent being lifted, in order to add a bottom floor and upgraded to incorporate energy savings and let’s not forget modernized.  Key features were preserved to retain the character of the home such as stained glass, original re-purposed chimney bricks, and crown moulding.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that modern luxuries were forgotten.  No way, this revitalized home boasts a lay down steam shower, two levels of sun decks, and two large kitchen islands to accommodate multiple cooks and space to entertain.

Crossan Heritage Home

Now here is where the energy retrofit for a heritage home is really evident.  Here is a 1912 coal fired Gurney boiler that needed a new home – which is now an outdoor fireplace in the gardens near this heritage home.  2019 brings with it so many energy efficient mechanics for your home that can make your heritage home, more comfortable, healthier, and lower your utility bills drastically.  Plus, just look how organized, condensed and tidy a home utility space can be.

Photo Credits: Concept Photography & Artez Photography

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