When to Renovate Your Kitchen

May 24, 2023

It’s always a daunting question as to when you should choose to renovate your home.  While you decide when the right time is for your home to have a kitchen renovation, have a read and consider the following insights from a builder’s perspective on the benefits to renovating your home, which  may in turn push your kitchen renovation up on your priority list.

A kitchen renovation is an upgrade for your LIFESTYLE

Every home owner has said … “If I was to build this kitchen I would have… added a skylight, moved these cabinets over here, added an island, knocked out that wall, had a gas stove etc. etc.”  A kitchen renovation is your chance to put your expertise of living in your own home into action and make the changes that the original home owners weren’t able to foresee.  All of a sudden the main cook of the house is happier as they are no longer excluded from the happy hour visiting time as they prep the main meal.  Energy bills go down as you upgrade your appliances and add more natural light.  Your kitchen is less cluttered as you now have appropriate shelving and cabinet space.

A kitchen renovation will increase the VALUE of your home.

Kitchen renovations come with all different price tags, but one thing is for sure, the value of your home will increase and your home will move quicker off the market with an upgraded functional kitchen than a home with its original kitchen.  When hunting for a home, potential buyers gravitate to the kitchen to make the judgement call on whether they can live there or not.  The kitchen is the heart of the home – everything passes by or through that space, so it is vital that it is an appealing functional place to spend time.

A kitchen renovation creates a HEALTHIER and SAFER home.

In the 70’s and 80’s homes were built with a different set of criteria.  The electrical was done with different materials and to a lower standard and is now 30 to 40 years old.  Paint, flooring, and insulation from that era may contain asbestos which is a proven cancer-causing agent.  A kitchen renovation can clean up the danger of what may be lingering behind the walls and eliminate the hazardous materials you pass by every day.  And mould, mould can hide subtly behind your kitchen cabinets and result in that questionable smell you have just learned to live around.

Although a kitchen reno is daunting at first, the finished product will most certainly wipe away those earlier apprehensive thoughts and leave you with a fresh functional awesome new kitchen to enjoy.

Check out a few of our fav examples of before and after kitchen renovations below.

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