World Record- New Addition Built in One Minute, Six Seconds!

May 24, 2023

Okay, we may be stretching the truth just a little bit, but when a couple of clients came to us with plans to put an addition on their house, Pheasant Hill Homes jumped on board.  To document the project (and others to come!), we installed a weatherproof time lapse camera on site that took a still picture of the progress each hour of the day.  When all these pictures were strung together, it revealed a fun overview of just how quickly a project can progress from start to finish.  You can check out the video at the end of this post to see what all the fuss is about.

With two growing kids full of energy, and the parents needing an office space at home, and addition was just what this family needed.  More room to work in the day; more room to play at night.  An attached garage was placed on the ground floor, with lots of space for storage and a small workshop space.  Above, a big, open space was built to do triple duty as a playspace, tv room, and more private lounging area, away from the bustle of the kitchen and main floor.  Attached to it is an office with enough room for two people to work in (or simply enjoy the silence!) while the kids are at school.  In just 3 months (over Christmas break, no less), this house gained much needed room and versatility.

Durnin (2)

Enjoy the time lapse video below.  It’s a fascinating way for people who are thinking about building a new home or addition to get a sense of the rapidfire steps involved in taking a project out of the ground and up to the point where the keys are handed over.

Check back often to see upcoming time lapse videos; we’ve got one running on the Crossan Heritage House rebuild right now.  If you’d love to see a time lapse of your new project being built, contact us today by clicking here!  Summer is on the way, and Pheasant Hill Homes will soon be kicking into high gear.

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